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Route 5 Two Model Courses of Walking in the Central Area of Ito City

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  • Route 5 Two Model Courses of Walking in the Central Area of Ito City

A Red Line   Standard Course                           

◆ Meeting Place  Ito Station Tokai Bus Terminal
◆ Meeting Time  According to your request
◆ Course  Ito Station⇒ Oumano-yu(statue)⇒ Yunohana-dorishopping arcade)⇒  Tokaikan (old wooden house)⇒ Rieti Square ⇒ Villa of admiral Togo ⇒ Monument of Kitahara Hakushu(poet) ⇒ ②AnjinMemorial Park ⇒ Nagisa Park ⇒ Monument(western ship-building)⇒ Stone for building Edo Castle(Edo chikujouseki) ⇒ IdeyuBashi⇒ Icho-dori (Street)⇒ Ito Station
◆ Time About 2 hours and a half hour
◆ Basic Expense for a guide   ¥1000

B Green Line   Temple & Shrine Course

◆ Meeting Place Ito Station Tokai Bus Terminal
◆ Meeting Time  According to your request
◆ Course Yunohana-dori(shopping arcade) ⇒ Matukawa riverside ⇒ Otonash Jinja(shrine) ⇒ Kuzumi Jinja(shrine) ⇒ Torinji (Temple)⇒ Ito Sukechika Tmb ⇒ ⑥Ito SukechikaBronze Statue ⇒ Bukkouji(Temple)⇒ Ideyubashi⇒ Ichodori(Street)⇒ Ito Station
◆ Time  About 3 hours
◆ Basic Expense for a guide  ¥1000

  • JR Ito Station
    JR Ito line opened in 1938 (13th of Showa). The building creates a southern Spanis atmosphere with its white wall and orange colored roof. The palm trees in front of the station are called “Canary Palm” and loved by people visiting there.
  • Anjin Memorial Park
    William Adams, British seaman, built the first western ship in Ito by an orderof Tokugawa Ieyasu in1605. Anjin is his Japanese name. The park opened as 400 anniversary after Adams built the first 120 ton ship.
  • Stone for building Edo Castle
    At the beginning of Edo era Tokugawa government ordered fewdal lords a number of big stones for building walls of the Castle. Stones were carried by ships to Edo (Tokyo)
  • Kuzumi Jinja (Shrine)
    The shrine was built in 10th century  and worshipped as a guardian deity of the Ito Family. A camphor tree in this shrine is more than 1,000 years old and designated as National Natural Monument.
  • Torinji (Temple)
    Torinji Temple was built by Ito Suketika to pray for the soul of his son Kawadu Saburo and his worshipped as the guardian temple of Ito Family. Kawadu Saburo is very famous among Sumo wrestling world.
  • The bronze statue of Ito Suketika
    He is a famous Samurai in Heian Period (11th century) He governed the East coast in Izu peninsula. The statue expresses a brave figure of general Suketika with his glaring eyes.

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